Monday, September 6, 2010

HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER : Being a Blogger - What this Suggests


Exactly what this indicates to become any blogger can be very unique from one person to the next. For a number of folks, blogging is actually a full-time occupation which gives to get the particular person and his or her spouse and children. Being any blogger, to these folks, is actually for example being the teacher, author, marketer and also businessperson all rolled into one particular. Yes, blogging might be enjoyable for these folks, merely such as some some other profession can certainly be enjoyable. Still, "blogger" is usually what exactly the person does regarding any living in these cases.

Regarding some other folks, being any blogger usually means being a good expert on their particular topic. To get example, an individual might blog concerning Harry Potter books as well as fishing and also tennis. Whenever an individual blog about a granted topic on any frequent basis, people commence to see a person as an expert or maybe a good authority within which area. An individual might not have just about any formal training in the particular area, however the actual truth that everyone are writing about it typically together with publishing which writing on the particular Internet implies that anyone are a good expert inside the eyes of some folks. Being any blogger, regularly, means being a good expert.

There are actually bloggers that will only blog to get individual reasons as well as only blog regarding personalized topics. It can be, for example, that a blogger would use their own blog to talk about their particular loved ones or his or her life. The blogger's friends and also spouse and children that live far away might read the blog routinely and also comment on that blog, making use of the actual blog to maintain in touch with just one another. Inside may sometimes, being any blogger just simply suggests that you've discovered another method to keep close using friends as well as spouse and children.

A few blogs of HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER have quite active comment areas. These blogs have a tendency to be hubs of discussion, day within as well as day out. In some cases, these blogs are also more well-known than message boards. The particular blogger who runs this sort of blog is definitely, within many ways, the community organizer. That blogger raises the particular issues of discussion, moderates the actual discussion, as well as really helps to bring new people into the particular discussion.

As an individual can see, what exactly the idea suggests to get the blogger could be a lot of different things. Within many cases, a blogger may be any community organizer, a great expert, together with the professional, all while using his or her blog to hold in touch with distant loved ones and also friends. The particular blogging experience truly does differ from one particular blogger to the particular next.

Inside Malaysia, in the event that an individual are blogger, simply we only named a person HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER because hidup blogger is usually mean life as any addict blogger.


  1. antara byk2 ur article tentang HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER , i like this one. santai not to technical. awk berjaya tak?tak sempat lg nak menjengok kat denaihati

  2. @noreed

    thanks noreed. Alhmadulilah..dah berjaya..ada la juga rezeki raya tahun ni :)


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