Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook Blogging

Hidup Seorang Blogger

Facebook is actually the system which enables it's members or maybe the community to speak along with friends and also see out the latest happenings within it is society. A single thing which you might carry out along with Facebook is blogging. Blogging or hidup seorang blogger is usually any form of feature writing reached by individuals to dictate or narrate the everyday happening in their own lives. The article itself is actually generally known as the blog. Blogs are diaries prepared online regarding writings, articles, photos, and also additional Web links put together by the actual creators of the particular blogs as well as "bloggers".

Blogging advantage

Blogs have numerous advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless this article will tackle more on whatever are the advantages. Blogs can easily much better inform the viewers of the particular article concerning what's currently happening to the particular blogger. The item produces a bond between the blogger or hidup seorang blogger and also it is readers whereas the readers may leave comments or even opinions about the said article. The item builds any deeper profile of the actual writer, exhibiting the particular writer's talents plus capabilities, even the actual organization he is usually into.

Blogs in Facebook

Hidup Seorang Blogger

Adding the blog on Facebook can be prepared possible including various updates. Whatever time there is usually the new blog added, this will created in the particular News Feed of the actual system. This is actually one fashion to showcase an individual's blog inside any top operating service regarding Internet fanatics.

Actions in creating the blog or hidup seorang blogger

1. One of the actual the majority of very important circumstances to make is to create a good individual account within Facebook. This applies where you still don't have any accounts present. In case anyone already have, then a person could choose to the next step.

2. Open an individual's account.

3. Look to get "Blog It" and also this application will automatically add as much as your account.

4. "Blog It" allows the actual user to provide several bloggers within the actual service this includes LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter as well as so on. Select on the actual types of blog blog most people would would like to feature. After which, click the actual "add account" button.

5. You might nowadays authorize Facebook in your own own blogsite.

6. Now, test your own blog. After creating and also authorizing Facebook, most people may do any test run. After the application appears, everyone will notice a blank blog a person might type into. Type inside your own blog along with while you visit the actual site of your blog, you'll come across an individual's blog there.

7. Now a person may start blogging! The actual moment anyone produce an individual's blog plus post it, news feeds are granted within order to facilitate details to additional members of the friend's list.

A bit of advice whenever the item comes along with blogging though, advance options similar to html, pictures together with exactly what is actually featured within several of the typical blogs usually are not nonetheless accessible. Everyone are needed to visit your own own blog site to get allowed to add certain advance benefits.

Inside Malaysia, in case most people are blogger, simply we merely named everyone HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER mainly because hidup blogger is actually mean life as a addict blogger.


  1. lepas ni blogging dengan facebook plak ker...

  2. @Faarihin

    boleh la jugak..hehe
    tapi pakai WordPress lagi best..hehe

  3. @hidup seorang gmail

    dah post bro..nasib baik pun susah nak pakai internet ni..


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