Monday, August 30, 2010

HIDUP BLOGGER : Being a Blogger - What it Means

What it means to be a blogger can be very different from one person to the next. For some folks, blogging is a full-time occupation that provides for the person and their family. Being a blogger, to these folks, is like being a teacher, author, marketer and businessperson all rolled into one. Yes, blogging can be enjoyable for these folks, just like any other profession can be enjoyable. Still, "blogger" is what the person does for a living in these cases.

For other folks, being a blogger means being an expert on their topic. Life of a blogger for example, you might blog about Harry Potter books or fishing or tennis. When you blog about a given topic on a regular basis, people begin to see you as an expert or an authority in that area. You might not have any formal training in the area, but the fact that you are writing about it often and publishing that writing on the Internet implies that you are an expert in the eyes of some folks. Being a blogger, often, means being an expert.

There are bloggers that only blog for personal reasons and only blog about personal topics. It might be, for example, that a blogger would use their blog to talk about their family or their life. The blogger's friends and family that live far away might read the blog regularly and comment on that blog, using the blog to keep in touch with one another. In some cases, being a blogger just means that you've found another way to keep close with friends and family.

Some blogs have very active comment areas. These blogs tend to be hubs of discussion, day in and day out. In some cases, these blogs are even more popular than message boards. The blogger who runs this sort of blog is, in many ways, a community organizer. That blogger raises the issues of discussion, moderates the discussion, and helps to bring new people into the discussion.

As you can see, what it means to be a blogger can be many different things. In many cases, a blogger might be a community organizer, an expert, and a professional, all while using their blog to keep in touch with distant relatives and friends. The blogging experience truly does differ from one blogger to the next.

In Malaysia, if you are blogger, simply we just named you HIDUP SEORANG BLOGGER because hidup blogger is mean life as a addict blogger.

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